Words of Wisdom …. Starting Life Over

I realized coming from a research background that unless someone has dispensed knowledge from 80- 300 people with results, you just cannot claim you have a working method. My final point here is that we are dealing with marketers and the best products are not usually the most well known. For example it was my meeting with Mark Manson that really shook me about the pick up industry and it was my meetings with people from Ken Wilbers integral theory that I realized the perks,reality and limitations of always seeking to fill your ‘wounds’. It’s a constant battle of showing up in the world and staying out of the world to hunt inner woundings.

The purpose of this post (done many, many times before) is to diffuse knowledge but unlike before we are going to use some criteria for you to post.

This thread will act as a time capsule for anyone new coming in and seeking help. The thread will be a sticky, whether you are here or not here later on, your post and your experience will help thousands of people who come on this site looking for help whether from depression, health, confidence, starting a new life etc.

But I’d like to re-emphasise that no one should really post in this thread who has not really had some truly tangible results.

Before you post, think twice… Did you get real results with what you’re advocating?!

Specifically with this thread I’ll totally point out if someone talks BS. I’ve got a good eye for that.

Got it?

[Problem #1]

I was looking for advice on how to get women, and more specifically how to get laid.

[Breakthrough] – The Past and Now

I’ve gone through literally everything related to Pickup/Seduction/Mindset/Spirituality to solve that problem. I’ve also applied the shit out of everything I’ve read. The only thing that really helped was finding someone who already gets laid like a rock star and mimicking him.

However, since I’ve had so much experience with reading about pickup and approaching/talking to women, I have found one thing that really works: And that is everything Captain Jack teaches. It’s the closest thing to what I’ve learned from my pickup mentor, only MUCH better to apply. We have all his stuff here on TP and you’ll also find my notes on his Force*21 program in the notes section of the forums.

This is a tough one. I now know that a lot of the popular pickup literature and teaching material is pure CRAP, designed by smart marketers in order to get $$$ out of people who have true pain points. But Avalust already pointed that out in his introductory post. However, when I was starting out on that journey, I wasn’t ready to understand that yet. Sounds crazy, but when someone told me “Dude, you’re studying too much of that crazy ‘how-to-get-women’-literature!” I would have told them THEY are crazy. Right now, you could tell some people that they’re wasting their time with RSD, Simple Pickup, Tao of Badass, etc. and they would NOT agree with you. They’d give you 374 reasons why you are wrong about saying RSD is crap.

I was that guy. Seriously. Think back 5 years ago, I would tell you to fuck off if you told me spending my time with RSD stuff is stupid. Now I know every pickup method out there and I’m not one inch smarter, except that I can recognise BS when I see it, no matter whether that is a piece of marketing (such as a website, sales page, seminar, etc.) or whether it is someone actually applying the methods.

It does NOT solve my actual original problem though.

So I really wish that 8 years ago, right after reading “The Game” I had found and accepted (!) what Captain Jack is teaching. And then, of course, I wish I had applied the shit out of what he’s teaching.